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Fax over IP

Send faxes using fax over IP and take advantage of cost savings, easier and streamlined processes and promoting a green environment.

Are you already using Voice over IP?

If you are already using Voice over IP you are aware of the biggest advantages it brings to your organization:

  • Lower operational costs (cutting your phone bills as you are no longer connected via a telephone network)
  • More flexibility (Possibility to integrate with unified communications functionality such as voicemail, email, conferencing, etc)

You can use your IP network to receive and deliver voice communications as well as deliver and receive faxes. 
Fax over IP or technically called T.38 protocol makes this possible. T.38 is simply a protocol that describes how a fax should be sent via a computer network (fax over IP).
The Fenestrae Communication Server software offers fax over IP and allows your company to communicate via an IP network:

  • Virtualization and consolidation benefits (more efficient CPU usage, less power consumption, lower hardware costs, lower space requirements, and much more)
  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs
  • Create a green environment and eliminate your fax machines (less toner, less paper, less power consumption,less Co2)
  • Lower phone bills
  • Extend your unified communications

Do you want to know more about fax over IP and its advantages? 

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