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Fenestrae’s solutions are used by organizations all over the world to help improve their business agility and reduce operating costs by eliminating paper from key business processes.

Secure Document Exchange
Faxination offers intelligent data capture and digitization of paper documents, fax and email attachments. Integrate business data into existing systems, workflows and processes with a highly optimized platform. Modular in design, components can be mixed and matched to meet any deployment requirements all with secure end to end processing, logging and management options for regulatory compliance.


Convert business documents into smart digital files
Udocx is a cloud based solution which allows businesses to automatically process documents, fully integrated with Office 365. Whether paper or digital, documents can be filed based on your business needs. Benefit from form recognition with metadata extraction, page splitting, and workflow integration. Boost regulatory compliance with a centralized document store, giving you total access to all your data.


From its headquarter in The Hague, The Netherlands, and office in the United States, Fenestrae serves over 9,000 customers in more than 40 countries.

Our products are in use in many of the Fortune 100 companies, in healthcare, financial services and many other industries.


Faxination in practice

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